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   At Marysol’s Preschool & Daycare, our goal is to provide a safe and happy environment for each child that will stimulate their intellectual, social and emotional growth at their own pace. We offer loving care that focuses on each child as a unique and wonderful individual and in doing so, builds their self-esteem and respect for others. My interactions with you, the parent, is as important as my interaction with your child. We encourage parent involvement in the child care setting.


Children primarily learn through imitation. They develop a sense of wonder in your child, a respect for human beings and social life, generate concern, interest and curiosity for knowledge as a basis for learning. At this early stage, playtime develops children’s motor, social, emotional, and cognitive skills.


By playing freely, the child develops creative thinking, discovers the world and the laws of nature. We try to preserve the happiness of the child. 

We care to ensure that our children enjoy their childhood through the development of their five senses, managing to learn, observe, listen, think and express themselves for them to reach their happiest side that allows them to be independent and confront any future challenges of life. 

We would like to be the best option for providing quality pre-school education, with recognition in the community, and with trained personnel to achieve an all-rounded education. The pre-school program will be Spanish immersion,
Our feelings and values play an important role in our existence.  We want to cultivate positive qualities such as self-esteem, cooperation, respect towards others and towards nature, admiration, compassion, confidence, the ability to experience the beauty and goodness in the children. 

The Spanish Immersion Program is a unique program that creates a positive, safe, fun, and nurturing environment for successful learning, with the commitment to build the confidence to communicate and understand Spanish,
appreciate the Latin American culture and to give children the opportunity to prepare for the future.

Our Curriculum:

The Spanish Immersion curriculum is divided into the following areas: 

Sound of the letters

​• Conversational Spanish, Daily routines

Playing Pretending 

Latin American Culture and Traditions...

Creative Subjects (Art and crafts, music, rythm and movement).

Math, Science, Nutrition 

We have different activities for the students to accomplish; these materials are presented with guidance from the teacher. The learning of the Spanish language happens through games, songs, and conversations.



Activities are organized harmoniously during the day.

Free Play:  Children get to choose what they want to play with.

They will be encouraged to be creative, play with each other, and play with didactic games. After ending play, all children participate in cleaning up, by putting every toy back in their place. This will be done in a playful way. 

Food time:   Children sit together to eat. They will help clean up afterwards. One day a week we will bake bread- children very much enjoy this activity. Snacks will be nutritious, natural, and organic (fruit, vegetables, and grains mainly) with the intention of creating healthy eating habits.


The manual activities: There will be many manual activities projects for the children. They will be asked to imitate what they have been shown. The manual activities will often be related to the seasonal festivals (in autumn make lanterns, ornaments for the Christmas tree, painted Easter eggs, in spring make paper butterflies...) and activities often use recycled and natural materials. 

Art activities:  We will have many different artistic activities (painting with watercolor, painting with wax, modeling...), however, everything is done in an artistic way.


The outdoor games: The patio is a wonderful place to play, where every corner has interesting items for children to discover (cars, playhouses, step on tree trunks, hide behind trees, sandbox, theater, construction blocks...) Outdoor play allows contact with the elements of nature, Earth, water, air, light and life (how many plants, bugs and birds have here your home!). They can move freely, run, jump and develop their motor skills. 

Songs and rhythm: these activities will develop their musical sense. Each season brings rhymes and songs with it. 

Story time: at the beginning and end of the day, it is story time. The children will hear traditional fairy tales and popular children books related to the different times of the year. Through narration, the child learns to listen, enriches their language and develops their imagination.

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